“Calling Laborers for the Harvest by Justin Guin”

Annually, August brings excitement and anticipation as our school year begins. New classrooms, grades, and opportunities for students to learn and grow await on the horizon. A school year also offers the church open doors to serve the community and potentially reach the lost. It behooves us to take advantage of these opportunities to make a difference in our corner of the world. What are some ways the church can serve in our community this school year? 

First, pray for our students as they return to school. Each year is filled with challenges, but this year even more so than usual. With the looming threat of infection from Covid, we must be prayerful for our children’s safety as they return to sharing classrooms and activities with their friends. Also, be prayerful they will have strong faith as they return to situations where temptations await. The best thing you can do for the youth of our congregation and community is to pray for them.

Second, pray for our teachers, administrators, and support staff. As our educators return to work, let us also be prayerful for them as well as they manage classrooms and deal with complications that Covid might bring. Furthermore, let us be prayerful for their influence in the school and community. Be prayerful their faith will remain strong and their example is Christlike. 

Third, be involved with the church as we serve our community. This year our congregation has already made an impact on our teachers. Plates were made and delivered to the workers in all four schools. In addition to this, there will be opportunities to help feed sports teams and the band. These acts of kindness are a great encouragement and God is glorified. 

We are fortunate to have administrators who allow us to be active in our school system. Let us resolve to take advantage of each opportunity they provide to serve. The fields are white for harvest and laborers are needed. Will you help us serve this year?