“Stronger Marriages for Stronger Churches by Justin Guin”

Every person who attends the Double Springs church of Christ wants it to be a “sound” congregation. This adjective is used throughout the New Testament to describe anything that is spiritually healthy. It begins with having “sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1), and right doctrine leads to right living. One of the many factors that should strengthen the church is the family, primarily our marriages. Healthy marriages lead to strong churches. What are some ways we can improve our marriages? Consider a few things with me? 


First, pray for your spouse. How much time this week have you spent in prayer just for your husband or wife? In addition to praying for them, pray with them. This time of communing with God and each other will build up your faith. The effectual, fervent prayer has great power as it is working (Jas. 5:16). Prayer enacts God’s power to protect your bonds of matrimony against Satan’s attempts to weaken your relationship.  Pray that your desire would be only for one another. Pray for God to give you the attitude of Ephesians 5:22-25. Pray that God will provide you with every opportunity to help lead your spouse to heaven. 

Second, spend time with your spouse. Country singer Josh Turner has a great song entitled, “Time is Love.” Your time is stretched thin. If you have children and grandchildren, it seems like your life revolves around them and their events. Time is given to everything except our spouse, and this can take a toll on our marriage. The song is correct. Time is love because it is the greatest currency we have. Let us have a great resolve to spend quality time with our spouse. It will strengthen our marriage.

Stronger marriages lead to sound churches. Stronger churches lead to an influential church and a better world.